BioMedics 38 Contact Lens – Natural Comfort !

BioMedics 38 contact lens offers inimitable comfort and perfect eye-sight. Created in the U.S, these lenses are so slim and light that they are entirely insensible while wearing.

BioMedics 38 lens is one of the few brands of contact lens which can be used during 3 months. However the price per 6-lens pack in our online store, at is more than affordable, making these lenses a great value for money.

In addition,BioMedics38 lens is more than convenient in terms of wearing and care. They are so light and comfortable, that you will barely notice their presence. Smooth surface and rounded edges make the lens almost not felt during wearing. It is also important to mention that these lenses are not bound to deformation and displacement.

At the same time, in spite of their elasticity and fineness, BioMedics 38 contact lens provides the oxygen to the eye retina to the fullest extent. Due to the usage of non-ionic material, these lenses secure magnificent eye moisturizing features, preventing eye dryness, redness and itchiness. The smooth surface of BioMedics 38 protects the eyes from protein accretion and other impurities, capable to provoke infections.

As well as all other lenses intended for long-term wearing, BioMedics 38 requires especial care. You can check out the recommendations on lens care, and purchase specialized lens cleaners in our online store.

If you are looking for high-quality contact lens in the UK and London, you can simply visit You will appreciate our user-friendly ordering system, as well as affordable prices, fast delivery and various discounts and offers.

Please remember that if you are ordering contact lens for the first time, it is necessary to consult with optician prior to making the purchase. You can get ophthalmologic consultation and receive recommendations on selecting contact lens in our online store, all you have to do is contact us for an appointment.

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