About Us

Your Choice Your Vision is the motto behind VogueSpex (www.voguespex.co.uk). The concept derives from the idea of self representation in todays cosmopolitan world. No one would  disagree that a vast majority of us are following the fashion trends even though in a few years time looking back it would raise some smiles on our faces of the past ridiculous looks we have had. But this is how the classics are created and some fashion trends are there to last forever. The choice is yours, go safe and opt for a classic or be visionary and represent a fashion trend.

Approximately fifty percent of our looks are a combination of various accessories. You name it glasses, jewellery, hand bags, gloves, scarves, phones and many more are worn by us on a daily basis. The first glance at a person is always directed towards the eyes, hence the first accessory that stands out is the eyewear.

VogueSpex has got a vast selection of glasses and sunglasses for you from brands all over the world: Penguin, Ray-Ban, Guess, Gant and many more.

There is a fit for everyone, even for the most pretentious ones. Nevertheless you deserve the best that is why all the prescription glasses are supplied with lenses from Hoya (www.hoyavision.com) being one the world leaders for corrective lenses.

Enough philosophical talk just visit www.voguespex.co.uk and make your choice that best defines your vision.

Eyewear Specialists

P.S. Your Choice Your Vision