PureVision 2 HD By Bausch&Lomb – The Best Value For Money

PureVision 2 HD Contact lens is by far one of the best products developed by Bausch&Lomb. The global success of this lens can be easily explained, as the Pure Vision lenses offer high quality, convenience in wearing and care and moderate price.

The major feature of PureVision 2 HD lens is the High Definition technology mounted into the lens and intended for reduction of spherical aberrations. It means that even in conditions of faint lighting these lenses provide maximally clean and sharp view, without flares and blur. In addition, these lenses ere created especially for reducing haloing and blooming effects. The lens’s rounded edge secures tight fitting to the iris.

Currently, PureVision 2 HD lens is regarded as one of the slimmest contact lenses, making it comfortable and easy to use these lenses.

ComfortMoist technology provides necessary moisturizing of the eyes throughout the entire period of lens wear, preventing eye dryness and irritation. The latter is especially vital for sensitive eyes.

PureVision 2 HD contact lenses are manufactured from high-quality hydrogel-silicone balafilcon A. They are intended for daily, prolonged and continuous usage for up to 30 days.

The lens is coming in packages of 6 or 12 items, allowing the user to choose the correct amount and significantly reduce expenses on the lenses. You can find out the prices of PureVision 2 HD contact lens in the United Kingdom in our web store, at www.voguespex.co.uk.

Please note that it is strongly recommended to resort to qualified assistance when selecting contact lens. In order to receive consultation of optician, please visit our online store, as our ophthalmologists provide consultations to both adults and children.

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