BBGR Lenses – The Legendary French Quality !

The glasses lens by BBGR France are considered to be among the best brands on the market of ophthalmologic devices. The company’s plants located in Cézanne and Provence manufacture more than 30 million lenses annually. The lenses are made solely in France, ensuring the highest quality of every item.

BBGR lens provide magnificent luminous transmission, panoramic vision and absence of floating effect. In addition, these lenses reduce optical distortion, reflection and flaring at dark hours.

The lineup of BBGR spectacle lenses is more than wide, as the company distributes one-focal lens, progressive lens, computer lens and many others. It is strongly recommended to resort to qualified assistance when choosing the lens for your glasses. At we offer ophthalmologic consultations, so that our customers could select optimal type of lens and glasses.

BBGR has a truly vast experience in manufacture of progressive lens. The majority of the company’s developments and technologies have been marked by international awards in the given field and received recognition from the specialists in ophthalmology. Design of individual progressive lens by BBGR takes into account not only the eye structure and peculiarities of face type, but also convenient reading distance for every patient.

A separate attention should be paid to the lens coating, developed by BBGR France. Super- smooth Neva coatings get upgraded every year and include

·antistatic coating Neva+,

·anti-reflective Neva Max UV, offering maximal UV protection,

·Achromatic Neva Max Secret coating,

·Scratch-resistant Neva Max coating,

·Neva Solaire coating intended for polarizing sunglasses ,

·And composite Record® and Tonic® coatings.

Exclusive, patented formula of the latter coatings offers dust protection features, simplifying lens care procedures.

You can find broad assortment of BBGR lens, of various price range in our online store at

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