How much do glasses cost?!

The difference between quality glasses and cheap glasses is greater than just difference in price.

If you have tried a spectacle frame from a well-known brand compared to a cheap one, you would have noticed the differences: quality glasses fit more comfortably, are finer, more pleasant tactile and visual. However there are not just external differences - not only the efforts of the designers are involved in making a frame of glasses, but also scientific elaborations are made for the composition of the material used, shape, etc.

cost of glasses

Glasses are not just an accessory, but also a medical device with the help of the lenses in order to protect your eyes. As such the technological process required to manufacture a quality glass frame can include up to 100 steps; including manual machining and special welding for high quality materials. Materials used to make contemporary glasses such as cellulose acetate, titanium, precious metals are comfortable, atraumatic and durable. The final process includes rigorous testing, consistent with quality and safety standards. All these important moments form, accordingly, the price, which is obviously higher than in the case of glasses made without respecting the world standards. That’s why well-known brands guarantee the quality, but cheap manufacturer don’t do it. Also, the lenses, which are proposed in different types of glasses, are different in quality... We can also mention that glasses can also be seen as an accessory, which also involves a wide range of design and precious materials used, such as gold, platinum, precious stones etc., but this is now not so much a medical necessity, personal preferences and possibilities.

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It's true that health can’t be bought, but we can buy glasses at a price that's deserve it.

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