Fruits and vegetables that enjoy our eyesight!

Nowadays, many people discuss about the harmful factors that damage our vision and the methods of protection. Indeed, the increasing implementation of products of scientific and technical progress has a negative impact on eyesight, especially on young people. As an example, such pathologies as macular degeneration, cataract, that in the past were considered age-related, are now much earlier. This is easy to understand, because young people are most interested in digital devices.

 fruits and vegetables

Now we will not discuss about protection of anti-reflex lenses (that is very important and voguespex offers wide range of glasses and sunglasses), but of biological factors - the property of protecting the body. In fact, our eyes have their own mechanisms of protection, and our mission is to feed them and not overburden them. Lutein and zeaxanthin, some carotenoids, the purpose of which is to protect lipids and proteins in membranes of the oxidation retina cells, are directly involved in the protection mission. It is estimated that, in particular, the damage to the eye cells causes the abovementioned disturbances. And the most widespread factor that causes this deterioration are the blue waves emanating abundantly from digital slides. Lutein not only absorbs these rays, but also reflects them, protecting the cells responsible for light. And zeaxanthin prevents the accumulation of so-called free radicals in the retinal cells. These carotids are not produced by the body, so it is necessary to consume the products that contain them. In this way it is recommended spinach, carrot, pepper, corn and fruits of orange color, in general, and dark green vegetables.

Another important element in the protection of vision is vitamin A. Vitamin A plays an important role in the synthesis of a pigment, rhodopsin, which is responsible for color perception, vision acuity and new cell formation. To regulate the production of this pigment, products containing flavonoids are recommended, which, in addition to being powerful antioxidants, improve local blood supply and have a beneficial effect on retinal tissue regeneration. In abundance these bioactive substances are found in coconut, onion, sea buckthorn, red wine, green tea ...

Because it is summer now, we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Obviously, the issue of vision is far too complex and depends not only on nutritional factors but also on hereditary, social and personal factors. Therefore, in addition to a healthy diet, eyeglasses remain a necessity, which should be taken into account. Even for healthy eyes, if you are too busy with your computer or other devices of this kind, special protection is needed. In this regard, a specialist consultation is recommended, in which the individual needs of your eyes are estimated.

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So, to protect our eyes by eating delicious fruits and vegetables, but also keeping the youth of our eyes through a balanced lifestyle!

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