How to protect your child's eyesight?

Myopia in children is a wide spread problem nowadays. This topic is discussed a lot, there are many recommendations, however, the results so far leave much to be desired ... Let's evaluate the situation once again and try to identify possible solutions.

Firstly, it should be recognized that heredity, all the same, plays a decisive role - if parents wear glasses then, unfortunately, in at least 60 cases out of 100, their children will also wear glasses. At this level, we can do nothing. However, the weakening of genetic compensatory mechanisms is caused by external factors and here we can have a certain degree of influence on them. What are these factors?

.child's eyesight

One of them, well known, is the spasm of accommodation of the muscles of the eyeball, which occurs with a long-term focus on closely-located objects. This refers to the long viewing of TV programs, the continuous reading of books, but especially this has to do with the drunken use of digital technology, which strains the eyes for too long, without proper rest.

Another, less well-known, reason is that natural light, in comparison with that artificial, contributes to the synthesis of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that stimulates the eyeball, which indirectly prevents the formation of the myopic cone. It is interesting to note that in activities that involve frequent outdoor activities, such as hunters, sailors, etc., short-sightedness is extremely rare. This pattern is confirmed by numerous studies in different countries engaged in studying this problem. For example, scientists at Cambridge University came to the conclusion that every hour a week spent outdoors reduces the risk of developing myopia in children by 2%.

These statements are not just hypothetical: in Asian countries, where there is a sharp technological growth (Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea), 80-90 % of schoolchildren wear glasses ...! While in Australia, although it is a developed country, children spend an average of 2 hours a day in open space - respectively, short-sightedness is only 15%. So, you can not underestimate the importance of outdoor recreation!

However, what if the glasses have already become a necessity? Ophthalmic industry produces spectacle lenses and frames for glasses of a wide variety of types and models. Of course, this may not seem very comforting, but it allows the child not to feel constrained in the children's team. Thus, our website offers quality glasses of hipster and reliable brands, that doesn’t harm your vision and style.

Nevertheless, the recommendation is to spend more time with children in the open air. Enjoy together with them their childhood, notice their interests and skills, help them grow and develop harmoniously, and problems with vision will cease to seem a problem.

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