Presenting modern lenses for glasses

Nowadays most manufacturers prefer organic lenses instead of mineral lenses. Why? Let's take a quick look at properties organic (plastic) lenses, in order to have an idea of ​​what we are offered:

• Organic lenses are much lighter, and this is a very significant detail, especially in cases with large diopters;

• Modern plastic lenses most effectively block the spectrum of UV-A and UV-B ranges of ultraviolet radiation;

• They are atraumatic, therefore unconditionally recommended for children's and sports glasses;

• They can be installed in any kind of spectacle frames, which gives a wide scope for personal image;

• Also in the production of organic lenses, it is used multifunctional coating that improve their optical properties and facilitate their care, namely:

Antistatic coatings - repel small dust particles;

Hydrophobic - water-repellent properties contribute to the preservation of the purity of the lens;

Anti-reflective coatings - reduces the difference in refraction between air and lens, which makes the lens more transparent;

Anti-fog coating - thanks to them, the vapor settling onto the lens quickly drains off;

The hardening coating is a special layer made of silicon oxide, which gives the lens the hardness of the organic glass;

• Also, the lenses can be given a wide variety of shades.

These are some of the properties that explain why more and more prefer this type of lens. Strictly speaking, such high technologies are only available to well-known brands. In particular, we can mention the Hoya company, which is the world-wide recognized manufacturer of spectacle lenses for more years. You can buy eyeglasses with such lenses on our website. We invite you to provide you with clear vision and a pleasant image.

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