Winter glasses!

Now, during winter holidays, ski glasses are appropriate and their choice deserves special attention because our eyes need special protection. At the creation of sports eyeglasses, big attention is drawn to the smallest detail, so that they offer safe protection and comfort, but also to be stylish. There are some basic requirements that such glasses must match such as increased durability, safe UV protection and correction of sight, if it’s necessary. That's why choosing such glasses it is very important to attract attention to the material they are made of. The leader manufacturers prefer innovative carbon-based polymers and light and durable metals such as aluminum and titanium. Thanks to such alloys, sports glasses become elastic and resistant.

Another important factor in producing quality glasses is their construction. They must be tight and well-adjusted to avoid sudden shake, but also for safe protection from UV rays, which reflects from the snow.

Another aspect to be noticed is the lens. Lenses of the sports glasses have a concave shape, which allows good orientation in space, an adequate appreciation of the distances and a complete reduction of distortions at the periphery. Preferred are thinner lenses, as they have a higher refractive index.

Interestingly, the lens toning is also important. Tonal lenses enhance color contrast, providing greater clarity. For outdoor activities, especially where the sunlight is fully reflected, polarizing lenses are welcome. Also, mirrored lenses are provided which provide good visual comfort.

The well-known sporting eyewear brands are well-known to Adidas, the leader in this field. The production of Adidas glasses is made on the basis of the most advanced technologies, with polycarbonate lenses (which can not simply be ruined) and gives great attention to athletes, who have poor vision. With such glasses your eyes will be safe on any ski run!

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Now, when you are fully trained, we wish you a pleasant vacation!


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