Progressive lenses
Progressive lenses are the optimal solution for correcting presbyopia by making sure that vision is clear and precise irrespective of distance. BBGR offers a wide choice of progressive lenses designed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Single Vision lenses
Single vision lenses are the most commonly used corrective lenses. BBGR offers a full range of products according to the correction needed by the wearer, making it possible for all corrections to be covered, even for the strongest ametropia.

Mid-distance lenses
Extenso® is the ideal lens for presbyopes who can no longer rely upon single vision lenses for their near vision needs.

Bifocal & Special lenses
Bifocal lenses are designed for wearers needing two corrections. In this case, BBGR offers bifocal lenses. Some particular visual deficiencies cannot be corrected by standard means. In these cases, BBGR offers "special" lenses.

Sun & Polarising lenses
They reduce the power of light rays and block glare, thus providing comfort and protection to the wearer.

Photochromic lenses
NEW ! Transitions VII lenses are convenient everyday clear lenses that darken and adapt to changing light to reduce glare and help protect from harmful UV rays. They help achieve and enjoy healthy sight to see better today & tomorrow.