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Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are the optimal solution for correcting presbyopia. Progressive lenses provide you with a clear and precise vision irrespective of distance. These lenses are the best choice for people wearing prescription eyeglasses as they are characterized by a special gradient of lens power. This means that you can wear the same glasses for reading and for, for example, going outside, and have a perfect vision. We offer you to buy BBGR Progressive lenses. BBGR is the leading European manufacturer of corrective lenses with a wide choice of progressive lenses designed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Please note, that common misunderstanding that it’s hard to get used with progressive lenses concerns only cheap progressive lenses replicas. BBGR progressive lenses show amazing results: 90% of people wearing eyeglasses with progressive lenses get used to them in a couple of hours! How is this possible?

BBGR develops their progressive lenses, unlike other manufacturers, taking into account 3 main eye anatomy characteristics:

Length of the eye: a long eye is for myopia prescription, short eye is an hypermetropia prescription

Position of the centre of rotation: the longer the eye is, the more distant the center of rotation is

Retina curve: a long eye has a more important retina curve compared with a short eye.

Single Vision lenses

Single vision lenses are the most commonly used corrective lenses. They differ from the progressive lenses as they have the same focal power all over the lens. These lenses are usually used in the treatment of farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and combinations of these conditions. We offer you to order BBGR single vision lenses that are specially designed to offer you perfect vision acuity in all conditions. Unlike other single vision lenses, BBGR lenses are designed in that way so you do not lose lateral acuity, and have perfect lateral vision without turning your head. This is possible due to the use of the patented Double Surface Digital technology.

BBGR single vision lenses are the most useful corrective lenses suitable for various activities in different conditions, for example, watching TV, working on your PC, or driving.

Sun & Polarising lenses

Sun & Polarising lenses from BBGR provide your eyes with UVA / UVB protection. These innovative lenses eliminate glare by reflection, improve colors, guarantee 100% UV protection, and can literally save your life when you are driving in them: scientific tests show that BBGR Sun & Polarising lenses significantly improve drivers’ reaction time. If you want to protect your eyes and feel the joy instead of irritation in a sunny day, there’s no better option than to order customized Sun & Polarising lenses from our online store!

Photochromic lenses

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, in sunny days you might feel quite uncomfortable, because you cannot simply change your glasses to sunglasses. But today we can help you solve your problem, the solution is transitions lenses. They are convenient everyday clear lenses that darken and adapt to changing light to reduce glare and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Thus helping you to see better today and tomorrow! Photochromic lenses from the leading lenses manufacturer BBGR automatically adapt to the lighting and offer you a clear vision indoors and protect your eyes outdoor. If you want to feel comfortable wherever you go, choose photochromic lenses from BBGR, and order them today at