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The number of contact lens fans is growing every day. And this is easily explained – in comparison to traditional glasses, contact lenses offer many advantages. They are light and comfortable, and guarantee perfect eye-sight.

In order to get the extended wear contact lens serve you longer, it is necessary to care for them properly. Currently, there are many companies offering lens cleaners and other solutions, and Bausch&Lomb is not an exemption.

In our online store, at we offer Bausch&Lomb’s ReNu MultiPlus lens cleaning solutions for an affordable price. These cleaners come in bottles of 60ml, 120ml, 240ml and 355ml. By the way, currently we have a promotional price for 60ml and 355ml, making it an even greater value for money!

Multipurpose ReNu MultiPlus solution carefully cleans, lubricates and disinfects contact lens. It can be used for cleaning lens of any type, and namely for silicon-hydrogel ones. After just 4 hours of storage in this lotion, the lens gets entirely cleaned from bacteria and protein buildup, while receiving maximal lubrication. After using the lotion, there is no need to clean the lens manually.

Regular usage of ReNu MultiPlus solution guarantees comfortable lens wear throughout the entire period of lens exploitation.

The term of storage of the lotion after opening the bottle is 90 days, after which the lotion should be discarded and replaced by new one.

In addition, the manufacturer thought about everything, as the ReNu MultiPlus solution comes with a convenient lens storage case.

In order to find out the prices of contact lens and cleaning solutions in the UK and London, please visit our online store, at We offer a wide lineup of contact lens of various types, as well as lens cleaners for the lowest prices across the web.

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