Johnson & Johnson Contact Lens – The Story Of Perfect Eyesight

The legendary Johnson & Johnson brand is one of the oldest and most reputed companies in the medical industry. The company was founded in 1886 by the Johnson brothers in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and has been holding leading positions across the industry up to the present day, gaining global fame and reputation.

The manufacture of contact lens become one of the key businesses for the pharmaceutical mogul, when in 1981, Johnson & Johnson acquired Frontier, a company, specializing in production of contact lens since 1959.

The company has spent much effort and money on developing innovative technologies, which paid off, as Johnson& Johnson emerged to become the global leader in the market of contact lens.

Currently, all lenses made by Johnson & Johnson provide inimitable quality, 100% transparency, and offer perfect eyesight and comfortable wear.

The iconic ACUVUE ® lens, developed back in 1987 became the first one-day mild contact lens in the world. Another company’s best-seller is SUREVUE ® lens, which was named a top-selling contact lens in the USA in 1994, as more than 60% of contact lens wearers chose SUPERVUE lens.

In 1995 Johnson & Johnson launched 1-Day ACUVUE ® lens featuring the groundbreaking technology, which secured absolute sterility, superb comfort and flawless visual perception. The novelty won the hearts of millions of people across the world. Their relatively high price, these lenses is offset by absence of expenses on storage and care, in comparison to traditional contact lenses.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care created another groundbreaking technology, releasing silicon-hydrogel ACUVUE® ADVANCE® lens, and innovative lens especially created for people with astigmatism.

Exactly the focus of Johnson & Johnson on innovations and high-tech technologies helps the company maintain its leading positions on the market of contact lens, offering the best products for those people who prefer active lifestyle, despite having eye-sight disorders.

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