Acuvue 2 – Hydration and Comfort For 2 Weeks

Contact lens is by far the best means for correction of eyesight disorders for many reasons. Acuvue 2 Lens gives the so-needed feeling of comfort and freedom from the inconvenient glasses, as well as the pleasure of perfect eyesight during 2 weeks.

Developed by Johnson&Johnson, the global leader in manufacture of contact lens, Acuvue 2 secures correction of vision, comfort and convenient usage and care. These lenses are intended for everyday usage and are made of top quality hydrogel.  Lower level of elasticity helps the lens properly fix on the eye, guaranteeing maximal comfort to the wearer.

Acuvue lens contains 58% of moisture, due to which the eyes stay enough hydrated, what is especially important for sensitive and dry eyes. The hydrogel material also provides high oxygen penetration levels.

Another vital advantage of Acuvue 2 contact lens is the protection from the dangerous UV rays. However, it should be mentioned that eyelids and eye area are also very sensitive to UV-rays, thus in order to obtain maximal protection, it is recommended to wear sunglasses as well.

You can choose the mode of wearing hydrogel lens on your own as you can either wear lens for two weeks, removing it at night, or you can wear them for 7days/6 nights in a row, without removing the lenses.

In order to select the most appropriate lenses and decide over their wearing mode, we highly recommend you to resort to ophthalmologic consultation, available in our online store. Our doctors offer free consultations to both adults and adolescents.

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