Ray Ban – Best Friend Of Self-Confident Ladies

The world-popular Ray Ban brand has initially proved itself as men-oriented brand. However, today, the company makes a wide lineup of women’s models of sunglasses and frames, as well as unisex models.

Hardly anyone can argue that all glasses by Ray Ban have their own, specific personality, These are glasses for leaders and champions. Boldness, self-confidence and determination – these are the qualities peculiar to the owners of Ray Ban sunshades.

The first women to wear Ray Ban aviators was Amelia Earhart. In 1932 she managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, flying solo from the United States to Europe, being awarded the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross for this record.

Since then the popularity of the brand among the gentle part of the mankind is constantly growing. Today, among the fans of Ray Ban there are such celebrities as Anna Vintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and many others.

The assortment of Ray Ban for woman is indeed move than wide – along with classic and universal models, Ray Ban offers glasses for driving and sports. In our online store, at www.voguespex.co.uk we offer many interesting and attractive models, so every lady will be able to find the eyewear of her dreams.

Ray Ban is considered a synonym of flawless quality and style. However, in order to avoid disappointments, you should be confident that you are buying original Ray Ban glasses. He global success of Ray Bans has led to the surge of counterfeit and copycats invading the market.

Buying Ray Ban sunglasses and frames at www.voguespex.co.uk you can be sure that you purchase the original product.

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