Karl Lagerfeld – Eyewear Of Legendary Brand

Enigmatic and extraordinary Karl Lagerfeld is considered to be one of the most affluent people in the world of fashion.


The German designer started his fashion career in a very young age. He moved to Paris, winning a designer contest at just 20, after which his career went into a skyrocketing override. Lagerfeld is known to be a very hard-working person. Being creative director simultaneously in several fashion houses, including world-famous Fendi and Chloe, he manages to find time and effort to found his own company. The first collection of clothing, Karl Lagerfeld Impression, saw the world in 1984. After several years the assortment was expanded by collections of fragrances and eyewear.

Karl Lagerfeld glasses are simply unique, as all other items made by the iconic designer. They offer a superb combination of inimitable quality, original style and luxury. Noble and extravagant, decent and sexual – these are just several of the characteristic features of sunglasses and frames by Karl Lagerfeld.

This fashionable accessory will bring individuality to any style and look. Their design and color scheme seamlessly highlight the natural beauty of the face. Karl Lagerfeld himself always wears sunglasses in public and considers that glasses make ugly faces look beautiful, and handsome faces – even better.

Since 2008 Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses and frames are manufactured in cooperation with U.S. optical giant Marchon Eyewear, guaranteeing the best quality for every item, made by the duo.

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