What is better: glasses, contact lenses or surgical correction of vision?
When we have such problem, it is difficult to choose the right solution, because there is the aesthetic and medical part. All of us wish to be healthy, but also we want to have a good look. Therefore, to combine these desires (both important), what should we choose: glasses, contact lenses or laser correction?

Let's look at the pros and cons in each individual case to have a complete picture. So, what are the positive sides of glasses for vision:
- glasses are easy to use and do not require special care;
- there is no physical contact with the surface of the eyes and, therefore, there is no risk of infection of the cornea;
- contributes to the formation of the desired image, especially since today the fashion industry has turned glasses into a very attractive accessory; in this sense, by the way, glasses can also be given an intelligent look - for those who care ...;
- the price range corresponds to the capabilities of each individual;
- in the vision frames, you can insert sunscreen corrective lenses;
But there are also some disadvantages:
- the field of vision is somewhat limited at the periphery, and with less visual acuity, especially with high diopters;
- gives a visual defect - for people more timid it can be a decisive factor;
- assumes some restrictions when taking active leisure or some sports;
- In winter, when entering from a frost in a warm room, the lenses are clouded, which creates some discomfort.
And now let's see what the situation is regarding the advantages for contact lenses:

- the field of vision corresponds to the physiological and with the best visual acuity;
- no one guesses about the existing visual defect;
- provides greater freedom for rest and sports;
- By the way, you can also change your image if you choose colored lenses;
- direct contact of the lens with the cornea suggests a higher risk of infection, so there is a need for strict hygiene and lens wear;
- regular costs for the purchase of new contact lenses and care products;
- It is recommended to refrain from wearing contact lenses for colds, allergies, in situations involving a dusty environment.
As for the operational intervention, everything is much more categorical:

- Depends on the optical equipment for vision correction;
- The procedure of laser correction itself is painless and is performed quickly. And also the recovery period is short.
- there is a risk of the appearance of irreversible and inoperable complications over time;
- there is a risk of further deterioration of vision;
- there are a number of contraindications that must be identified individually.
All of these options are available in UK. However, both glasses and contact lenses are therapeutic methods of vision correction that can be revised at any time. While the choice of operation does not leave room for subsequent elections, so it deserves to be carefully considered. Our shop offers You a wide range of glasses (for eyesight and computer work) and branded sunglasses. There is a big choice at competitive prices. Stop a while and shop now your pair of glasses. For more information, visit our site voguespex.co.uk
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