Why do eyes cry?

Excessive lacrimation is a common problem that can occur at any age and creates visual and aesthetic discomfort. The causes are different and vary depending on the patient's age and on the pathological triggering process.

Lacrimation in newborns is caused by an imperforation of the tear paths and has a spontaneous resolution up to one year of age in 90%. In the remaining 10%, an ophthalmologist, more specifically a small-droplet topical anesthesia, or general anesthesia is needed, if the child is older, the efficacy is 99%. Between 1 and 3 years, the polluting event of silicone tubes is under general anesthesia with the same success rate. After 3 years, as in the case of adults with a stenosis acquired by the tear-nasal canal, only a derivative intervention (dacryocystorhinostomy) is effective. 


Lacrimation can also occur under other conditions even having the permissive lacrimal pathways:

• Eyelid positioning problems, removal of the eyelids from the eye, inversion of the edges either in or out. These changes can occur with aging or post-traumatic,

• Irritation or dryness of eyes ("dry eye syndrome"),


• Hemifacial spasm or facial nerve paresis.

Ordinarily, the eyelids function like windscreen wipers, closing tears in the lacrimal bag as a pump. When eyes become irritated by the eyelid position, the tear appears reflective and in order to remove the irritant (the genes). These tears are not lubricating, but irritating and because the eyelids can no longer function as a "pump," the tears leak over their cheeks. The solution is an eyelid surgery to restore their "pump" function.

In the case of excessive lacrimation caused by allergens, the solution is the fastest and seemingly the simplest, avoiding the allergen.

If the patient suffers from "dry eye syndrome", excessive lacrimation occurs as a means of eye protection, a specialized ophthalmologic consultation would help determine the cause and treatment of dry eye syndrome respectively.

In conclusion, excessive lacrimation arises for several reasons, its establishment would allow the prescription of effective and decisive treatment.

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