Eyesight and thinking

There comes a time when some of us begin to feel the necessity to consult an ophthalmologist, but postpone the visit to the specialist or may even be scared of the thought of being prescribed vision glasses. However, Israeli experts have discovered something that can make us rethink the hesitation of seeing a specialist. It turns out that poor eyesight negativelyaffects intellectual functions. In addition, as noted in the internet newspaper vesty.co.il, poor eyesight contributes to the aging of the brain. Experts from Tel Aviv tested 109 people with respect to intelligence, memory, orientation in time and space. Then they were examined by an ophthalmologist. It turned out that people with good eyesight have much better indicators of memory and intelligence. This is relevant not only to those who simply have good eyesight, but also to those who wear glasses. The explanation is that people with weak (unregulated) eyesight do less physical and intellectual effort, and this leads to brain degradation. Therefore, as Dr. Uriel Spierer explains, it is very important to restore bad eyesight with eyeglasses or contact lenses, detect violations of refraction or cataracts in a timely manner and take appropriate measures. According to the specialists, even with Alzheimer's disease, good visual perception can make the development of the disease more difficult, hence they recommend checking the eyesight of this category of patients.

eye and thinking

Therefore, if you start to notice that objects in the distance have blurry outlines or that you have to read at arm's length, then you should consider seeing an ophthalmologist.

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For protection of your eyes you must also eat delicious fruits, vegetables and keep the youth of your eyes through a balanced lifestyle!

So, lead an active way of life and your brain will always remain young!


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