How to choose right glasses

Nowadays the wearing of glasses has become so common that interest in glasses as an accessory has become more prevalent over what the optical device actually exists for – to correct the vision. However, when we chose a frame for glasses, besides glamorous appearance, it is very important to think of the medical side of the matter. So what is it necessary for buying good glasses?
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Firstly, you need the ophthalmologist advice. And this is not simple formality, you must take into account many factors, such as diagnosis of the main problem, the type of patient’s activity (driver, programmer, teacher, etc.) Depending on the change of activity, even the same person can be matched with lenses with different diopters and the glasses can be centered, respectively, in different ways. In addition, it is good to have in mind that computer diagnostics serves the doctor as a source of additional information and doesn’t replace advice of specialist.

Another important point is buying of glasses. To buy ready-made glasses on the street trays is dangerous, because in this case the quality of optics is completely neglected…If the distance between pupils is not taken into account and diopters are selected "by eye" and lenses of poor quality, then the body tries to compensate distortions of perception at the cost of eyeball fatigue, headaches and further deterioration of vision. In this way, the choice of lenses in recommended only in specialized centers. In the production of high-quality lenses, special attention is paid to the coefficient of their refraction, because the lens is thinner and the smaller the thickening from the center to the periphery, the less distortion and the eyes feel more comfortable. For modern lenses, the refractive index is considered to be optimal from 1.6 to 1.9 units. Currently, plastic lenses are more used because they are much lighter, much less traumatic and easier to handle. And for scratch resistance they are made with a special coating.

Further to the high-quality lenses have an additional coating with anti-reflective, which significantly improves their optical properties. For example, the transparency increased by 8-10%, also provides increased protection against harmful rays emitted by electronic equipment and facilitates driving at night time.

And in the end, the selection of frames for glasses is also very important. Well-known manufacturers are valued for the loud names of their brands and also for a lot of investment and painstaking work in choosing quality materials that would not cause allergy or irritation to the skin of the face. In addition, much attention is paid to the design in accordance with the anatomical structure of the nose, temples, ears, etc. – maybe we never thought about it, but it’s all careful worked out…You can also read our article The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape that will help you to select the right frame of glasses depending on your face shape.

These are just few things that should be taken into account when we select glasses. In fact, there is no need for this purpose to take special courses – it is enough to go to a specialized ophthalmology center, where trained specialists will help you make the right choice. One tool in this order is our site, that offers you all types of news, catalogue with many options, huge choice and best prices.

Thus, "glamor” is a matter of taste, but health is the most important. We can satisfy completely your preferences and needs. You are welcome on our website!

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