How can we protect our eyes?

   In nowadays glasses have become a regular accessory and most eyeglass wearers do not feel embarrassed by their presence. However, it remains some disturbing moments that could cause discomfort ... Those that wear glasses are accustomed to such situations, like fogging lenses from cold to hot, the need to clear more often and be careful to don't scratch them. Obviously, many of them would not be embarrassed by this small inconvenience. Moreover, advancement of digital technologies and increasing workload of the office increased requirements for our eyes. In industrialized countries it is estimated that every 3rd suffering from eye disorders caused by the continuous action of computer screens. Besides the problem of accommodation spasm, there is an increasing number of discussions about the influence of harmful blue rays (HEV). In the sunlight, these rays have their spectral segment with their positive qualities on the biosphere. While digital cameras screens emit blue rays is a much larger, which has a destructive influence on the retina.

protection for eyes


   All these problems motivate lens manufacturers to seek solutions. It appeared new notion glasses - computer glasses. The latest development technology BLUE CUT(Blue Filter) allows the blocking of 95% to 100% of the HEV and UV. This is a remarkable achievement, because we reduce the use of computer technology, but we can protect our eyes!

   BLUE CUT is implemented in lens produced by Hoya Company. These lenses are the latest, recently appeared and include all qualities they already own. Besides BLUE FILTER, UV Protection function offers a double protection from direct and reflected ultraviolet rays. Other options included, such as Anti-Reflection, eliminates glare and Better Contrast offers an optimal clarity, which considerably reduces eye fatigue. FeaturesDust and Water and Smudge Repellent removes such moments like fogging lenses and keep them clean. Also Hoya lenses have a special coating, that protects it from scratches. Thus it offers transparency and maximum protection. These lenses are optimal for work computer, but also their wear anywhere and anytime. Thelong-time experience in, and in-depth knowledge of quality coatings have made Hoya number one in sustainable adhesion technologies.

   Nowadays lenses can be purchased from many shops, but firstly you must get professional advice, according to the needs of your eyes! In this way we will make the best of decisions - our eyes deserve it!

   Whether you are wearing the prescription glasses for health or fashion purposes, just remember, the key to rock a pair of prescription glasses is to find a shape and style that suit you, but not just the trends. Visit our site today and make your choice that would best define your style.

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