The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

It is very difficult task to select the right frame of glasses. There are many factors to consider when choosing the spectacles, such as face complexion, eye color, dress style and face shape.



In order to select the glasses that would not only help correcting your sight and protect from the sun rays, but also make your look completed and stylish, keep in mind that the specs should fit the face shape in the first place.

Below you will find certain recommendations to help you make the right choice.

- Oval face is considered to be the ideal shape. If you are lucky to have this face shape you can opt for almost any glasses frame – oval, round, rectangular frames, as well as Aviators, cat-eye, butterfly glasses and others.

On the other hand, you should avoid wide and massive-looking frames, which will make the face’ features look small. The top line of the frame should coincide with the eyebrows line, while its width should coincide with the broadest part of the face.

- Those who have round-shaped face should try angulated, rectangular or square glasses frame with wide temples. It is not recommended to wear round glasses, as they make round face look fat.

- In order to make square face visually appear longer, check oval specs, Aviators or round frames. Cat-eye spectacles will help draw attention to the eyes, while square and rectangular glasses should be avoided.

- If you have a triangular face shape, try cat-eye spectacles or butterfly ones, as well as the frames with a wider bottom portion.

- If you are willing to make oblong face look shorter, try square frames that add width. It is better to avoid smaller frames, like the round ones.

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