Computer glasses and computer

Is it necessary or not to use computer glasses? This subject is often discussed and many opinions about it are very contradictory. There are different points of view how to avoid a spasm of accommodation of muscles of an eyeball, how to bypass the radiation harmful to eyes, emitted by digital devices, etc. It is better not to go into extremes, but to adhere to golden mean and to select the most reasonable from a set of opinions.


So how to protect our eyes while we sit in front of the computer monitor?! Computer glasses are recommended by many ophthalmologists. By the way, they differ from reading glasses and from points for a distance. Their specifics consist that lenses of similar points shall protect from excess of blue radiation, can be with diopters or without, and diopters are selected especially for average distance.

The expert will select optimum correction of distance for operation that eyes weren't tired. However, there are objections that similar points will stop operation of eye muscles. It is recommended to distract each 10 minutes from the monitor to admire a winter landscape outside through the window or flowers on a window sill, during at least 10 seconds. It is actually important as eyes are designed for quick change of three-dimensional and multifocal images. Besides, consciously create to yourself a habit to blink at least five times each three minutes. That is necessary for moistening of a cornea and massage of eye’s membrane.

Other distinctive feature of computer glasses are properties of lenses to lock the blue rays which are contained in outbox from the monitor radiation much more than in natural light. Usually, rays of a blue range of a sunlight has the toning properties, but in a surplus they have the negative effect. At the same time, the complete elimination of these light waves has also negative effect. That’s why it is recommended to use lenses, that dose the locking blue rays – for 95 percent. Such lenses are Neva®Max Blue UV developed by the French vendor of BBGR. Neva® Max Blue UV uses the E-SPF index which is a global index rating the overall UV protection of lens and offer great protection against everyday wear and tear.


In conclusion, computer glasses are also necessary, as well as the computer. With their help, and also doing some simple exercises, after all it is possible to save control over computer technologies. And in any business, you shouldn't go to extremes, and it is better to arrive deliberately! Moreover, nowadays we can buy glasses online and it’s very quickly to offer comfort and protection of our eyes.

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