Biomedics 55 – Perfect Vision and UV Protection

Biomedics 55 Contact Lens is not only about a comfortable and high-quality optical device, but also powerful UV protection. This is one of the few brands on the market, which offer 95% protection from the impact of the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Due to their great features and attractive price, Biomedics55 is a great value for money for those who prefer contact lens. At, we offer Biomedics55 contact lens in packs by 6 lens for a very affordable price.

Thanks to their double-convex peripherical design, these lenses superbly maintain their shape, contributing to simplifying their usage and providing high levels of comfort during wear. The lens edges are slim and rounded that is why the lens is barely sensible when on the eye. Higher concentration of moisture guarantees constant hydration, preventing eye dryness and redness.

And of course the major advantage of Biomedics55 contact lens is the highest possible level of UV protection. The lens occludes nearly 96% of UV-B rays and 70% of UV-A rays. Yet, though the eye retina is protected, don’t forget that it is also necessary to protect external part of the eye – eyelids and conjunctiva that is why it is strongly recommended to wear sunglasses in conditions of bright sun.

Though Biomedics55 contact lenses offer extended wear, they should be discarded and changed to new ones once a month, and thus need especial care. In our online store,, we offer multi-purpose cleansing solutions for contact lens.

You can buy contact lens in UK and London and receive ophthalmologic consultation, helping to select contact lens or glasses in our web store. We guarantee originality and high quality of our entire stock, and provide fast delivery and convenient payment system.

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