The secret of glasses longevity!
The scratches that appear on glasses are one of the main causes that determine you to change them with a new pair. Even if the scratches are not so remarkable for glasses owner, they cause discomfort and reduce the visibility.  

            Each person knows the causes of scratches appearance. Usually its careless use of glasses, their fall, failure to observe the rules of transportation and storage, 
that’s why it is very important to wear your glasses in a pouch. Dust, paper, coins, which are virtually in any pocket, act destructively on  lens glasses.
For the longevity and for your view, it is very significant regularly to clean lens glasses with special tissues and liquids for cleaning. Such care cleanses the lenses of glasses and protects them against external factors.
Do not use the edges of your own clothing for cleaning, because they may contain dust that can cause micro scratches on the glass by mechanical action on the lenses. Paper napkins are also too hard material. If you do not have special cleaning tools for the moment, you can use soap, water and a clean cloth.
Remember, proper eyeglass care is very important for your eyes. Every day, the efficacy of lens decreases, because the dust, the grease and face grease are deposited on them. By the way, dusty lenses reduce visibility by about one third.
 Nowadays, many manufacturers are improving their models by processing them with certain compounds. Special coatings have hydrophobic properties, so no traces or stains remain on the lens surfaces.
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